Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week Four: Time for Some Fun

Since everyone has been working so hard on the previous assignments, the tasks this week are quick, easy, and fun.

Image Makeover

First, let's make more use of our photo skills. A few years ago you needed specialised software to alter photos and design things like CD covers, calendars, and trading cards. Now, thanks to the "anyone can do it" movement of Web 2.0, there are many tools to help you along. For example, the site Big Huge Labs can take this picture of Melvil Dewey:

And turn it into this:

Or this:

Try these out (or some of the other tools from Big Huge Labs) using a picture of your choice.

Start by saving a photo to your Flickr account or 23 things folder on your G: drive. Then follow the steps from Big Huge Labs and be sure to save a copy of your new creation to your G: drive.

Finally, make a new post in your blog and show off your work.


The second task is to play around with a tool called a generator. If you've ever been creatively stumped and suffering from writer's (or worker's) block, then a generator might get you going. A generator will take keywords or other information from you and then create a customized result based on what you input.

For example, the Blues Name Generator will take your name and create a bluesy nickname: mine is "Bleeding" Joe Freeman. Other fun tools are a complaint letter generator, a Danielle Steel title generator, an idea generator, and a sudoku generator.

The biggest resource for generators is the Generator Blog. Try out some of the links along the right hand side. Make a post to your blog with any interesting discoveries.

Please send an e-mail to 23things@torontopubliclibrary.ca with the address of your blog when you have finished the tasks.

That's it for this week - have fun!


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